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Past Life Regression Story

Past-life regression therapy with healing can be very powerful tools, helping to accelerate our personal growth and spiritual expansion. Past-life regression without healing has its place, for curiosity and entertainment, but the powerful transformation happens when we couple spiritual healing with regression therapy. We are able to re-pattern old habits of thinking and feeling that have their root in the distant past, becoming free and effective people in the present. I am passionate about the benefits of this healing technique and have often used regression with healing with clients. It has been an important part of my own journey as well.

One of my most interesting past-life regression and healing experiences happened about a decade ago. During the session, I retrieved a lifetime in which I was a young sailor, a boy not more than 15 years of age. I was climbing the mast of a tall ship and my foot got caught in the rigging; I lost my footing and fell. I was badly injured with a broken hip. For the rest of that lifetime I was disabled. Unable to work, I ended up living as a beggar. I was left with deep self-esteem issues that continued to plague me in this lifetime. I also am left with a huge bruise-like birthmark on my hip―something I used to be quite ashamed of. And I have always had a real distaste for heights!

Since the regression and healing session, I have changed in important ways. The birthmark is still on my hip; I still get dizzy when I look up at tall buildings. But my self-confidence began to improve almost immediately. I remember having two important and conflicting thoughts after the session: One, I was very skeptical that this had really happened! And secondly, I felt more comfortable in my own skin. Years later, I find myself looking back on this session as one of the most significant experiences of my journey.

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