How long will I be in therapy?

The length of therapy depends on your needs and goals. Many of my clients see me for a few months; others work with me for years; some for just several weeks. Your goals determine our time together, and we will work collaboratively to find the best ways to achieve your goals as efficiently as possible. You don’t have to sign any contract and you can end therapy at any time.

What should I expect?

Making the decision to come to therapy is courageous, and auspicious. It means you have decided to take steps to make positive changes in your life and start feeling better. During the first session, you will probably do most of the talking as you share your history and therapy goals with me. If you aren’t sure what those goals are, we will talk about the possibilities. I will explain a little about the different techniques we might use, and we will decide together what seems the best way forward. We will reevaluate your goals and evaluate your progress toward them as we go along. It is your process, and I work for you.

How can I get the most out of it?

Therapy is a significant investment of your time and resources, so it’s good to think about how to maximize it. I often assign “homework” to do between sessions. Sometimes it’s to practice a short simple mindful technique we do together in session; sometimes I may suggest you write a letter, do some journaling, or do some dreaming about your future. The most important ingredient in therapy’s success is actually how much the client “clicks with” the therapist, so if I’m not working for you — don’t give up on therapy, but do find someone else to work with!

What is the cost?

My rate is $150 per session. I do not work with insurance. I do take Unite for HER vouchers. I am pleased to offer a sliding scale for those with financial need; my rate goes as low as $75 per session.

Can we meet before I decide?

I am pleased to offer a free 15 minute phone consultation for people who are thinking about working with me. To schedule it, please call me at 610-212-9144.

Can we do phone or web-based sessions?

I offer phone sessions and can use a free, HIPAA-approved app called VSee if getting to the office is problematic.