Marriage and couples therapy in bryn mawr

When you are struggling in your relationship, you may wonder what you can do to make things better. Maybe you are arguing about the same thing over and over. Or perhaps you and your partner have grown apart. You started with such high hopes, and now you wonder where it went wrong and whether there is hope for making things better. Fortunately, there is hope. Every long-term relationship has conflict; you can learn to manage yours and find ways to reconnect to your partner. If you are having trouble in your relationship, Transformative Therapy’s marriage and couples counseling in Bryn Mawr can help:

  • Restore trust
  • Break through communication problems
  • Resolve repetitive arguments
  • Restore a sense of closeness and connection
  • Remember why you got married in the first place

Marriage and couples counseling

If your romantic relationship is not living up to its full potential, take heart: Our closest relationships are our greatest teachers. When two people are committed to working together, they can heal from anything. This belief in the resilience of couples is a foundation of my approach to couples therapy, and is grounded in decades of research into what makes coupling work.

When we experience problems in our relationships, we have an opportunity to lean in and do our work. We can think of our conflict or distance as signs that something is amiss and that we have work to do. This work can be scary, and we may feel vulnerable, yet we have everything to gain, and so much to lose…

Relationships, like everything in life, are not always easy.

Sadly, the people you are closest to can push your buttons more than anyone else. Conflicts can become entrenched, and sometimes it feels like things are out of control. You don’t know how to make yourself feel more peaceful, let alone help anyone else to feel better. Then, when conflict is seemingly intractable, you may feel fragile, frustrated, frightened.

Conflict is normal. You can learn how to manage it.

Take heart. We know that every couple has conflict. But what percentage of couples conflicts would you suppose has a solution? Did you guess 80%? Too high. 50%? Again, too high. In fact, according to research, only 31% of the conflicts couples face has a solution. That’s right. Fully 69% of conflict has no answer. The task, then, is to learn to manage conflict. Learning more effective communication techniques and healing issues from the past can help you get back on track.

It is time to feel better.

You can feel better, and you, both of you, all of you, deserve to be happy. When your marriage is in trouble, you don’t have to go through it alone. There are solutions, and it’s my job to know what they are. I look forward to helping you get along better. Because getting along better is what’s best for you, for your partner, and for your family. If you are ready to get started, contact me. In the mean time, you can read my blog series on relationship help to learn more right away.

I highly and passionately recommend premarital counseling. This can help in setting the stage for a lifetime of happiness!!

And sometimes couples just grow apart. For couples who have chosen to strike out on separate paths, I have strategies to create moreĀ peaceful endings.