Therapy for Emotional Wellbeing

The pace of modern life can leave us feeling depleted. When we are dealing with sadness, stress, or feeling overwhelmed, it can be difficult to make our wellbeing a priority. But when we don’t take care of ourselves, we have less to give to others, less to give to the world – and unresolved stress can take a toll on our health.

The here-and-now

Working with a therapist gives you the opportunity to think and talk about the issues that are on your mind, and try out new effective ways of communicating. While confiding in friends and family can feel safe, the people who are closest to you are often not objective and usually are untrained in the therapeutic process. Therapy provides you with an objective third-party ally to help work through life’s problems.

Tying up loose ends

In addition to processing and problem-solving about current issues, therapy can offer you the opportunity to resolve past traumas and heal old wounds. When we are burdened by issues from our past, we are often not able to show up fully in the present and give our best effort in the here-and-now. While it is not usually effective or worthwhile to talk spend a lot of time going over our old problems, effective therapies allow us to resolve these issues.

A mix of accepting what is, and working to improve it

Transformative Therapy’s approach is grounded in unconditional acceptance of what is, while providing space to create something better. Spending time and resources trying to keep our problems at bay can be exhausting. Acknowledging that problems exist and learning to accept ourselves anyway is a great first step toward resolving many of the issues that we face.