You want to be happy.

You never thought life would be like this. Or maybe you never dreamed it could be better – till now. You have tried to take care of people and meet their expectations. All that just left you feeling empty and unfulfilled. You want more from life and are not quite sure how to get it, or even if you should. But there has to be more than this. Online counseling can help.

You’re not even sure how you got here.

When you were a kid, you didn’t dream of growing up to this listless and unfulfilling life. You feel alone, even though you know people care. Sadly, some of your most important relationships may leave you feeling worse. The things you thought you’d enjoy have lost their appeal, or you are just so hard on yourself that it’s hard to enjoy anything.

You want to feel good about yourself and your life.

But that seems easier said than done. How can you change a lifetime pattern? You know that you should accept yourself, but how can that be possible? When things build up and you just want to take a break, you grab your phone and start aimlessly scrolling. But all you see is pictures of perfect people living their perfect lives, and you feel even worse. You wonder if you will you ever be happy.

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You are ready. Online counseling can help get you there.

You are finished with feeling helpless in the face of it all, and are ready to learn, grow, and heal. It takes courage, and now you have it. Scary as it has been to ask for help, you know that you have the courage it takes to turn things around. You know you are worth it, or at least it is worth a try. Life has to be more than this!

Online counseling can help.

Hi. I’m Sarah Murphy.

I am a licensed professional counselor and I specialize in working with courageous people just like you. I use a holistic, mind-body approach to clear the darkness and let in the light.

There are things you can do to heal your emotions and feel comfortable in your own skin. I am here to help.

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