Activism In the Field of Energy Psychology

Dr. Maria Limardo (PhD., CMIQP, medical intuitive, CEP), has been sharing the gift of energy psychology (EP) in her home state of Florida and throughout the US and Central and South America for just four years. In that short span, she has a dedicated following, particularly among the Latinx community. In fact, in 2021, it is estimated that Maria reached as many as 100,000 people!

Besides her energy psychology work, Maria is a medical intuitive. She combines these tools in her private practice. Maria reaches many in the Latinx community via her Facebook page and using the popular WhatsApp platform. Additionally, Maria teaches EP techniques through ACEP’s Emotional First Aid training. She works via tele-therapy with individuals and groups.

Spreading the Word Award

Maria has given many talks, webcasts, and other online trainings to promote energy psychology. She is passionate about spreading the word because she has seen how powerful these tools can be. Her enthusiasm led her to a training program through the UN and television appearances on Univision and on CNN Español.
In 2021, she won the Spreading the Word award for her “outstanding efforts to garner credibility and respect for the field of energy psychology by interfacing with allied professional networks, organizations, or the public media.”

EP Tool of choice

Maria’s EP tool of choice is the Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT), a nonverbal tapping tool. TTT has been used successfully in refugee and trauma situations all over the world. The Peaceful Heart Network and Dr Peta Stapleton are currently studying it. She says she has taught mothers to use it on themselves to keep calm, and to calm their children by using a kid-friendly, hands-on approach, with mothers tracing the points on their children’s faces and torso.

The people who Maria teaches often comment that TTT is “magic.” Her clients are mostly very poor mothers who need tools to center themselves and their children. The majority of people who come to her, Maria says, are referred by medical doctors.

Looking Toward the Future

When asked about her future plans, she says that sees the field of energy psychology growing. Inside the US, she believes, the increase in the evidence base as well as doctors’ increasing understanding of the powerful negative fallout of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are driving this change.

In addition to an increasing visibility of these powerful tools in the US, Maria says, there is a tremendous opportunity for ACEP to grow outside of the US. In Latin America, there is a wider acceptance of “magical realism”, making this population particularly open to energy psychology techniques. They are open to trying, see it working, and keep using it.

Background: From Conventional Doctor to EP Practitioner

Born in Boston to Venezuelan parents, Maria spent her childhood in the US and Venezuela. She earned her MD and her PhD in human genetics from the Thomas Jefferson University of Philadelphia. Maria was a renowned expert on Butterfly Syndrome Disease. Working with this rare and debilitating illness pressed Maria to look beyond the wisdom of conventional medicine and into the intuitive healing arts.

Since 2012 Maria has shared her gift with many others by teaching medical intuitive practices at spiritual centers throughout South Florida. Additionally, she was on the teaching staff at the Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Health (FLICAH) in Doral, Florida, where she taught a Medical Intuitive Coach Certification course. In 2018, Maria discovered ACEP, attending her first ACEP conference and becoming an active member of the humanitarian committee.

I share Maria’s story here because she is inspiring!