Part one in a series.

Everything is energy. This piece of metaphysical wisdom has been backed up by science and most of us can accept it as truth. A less-known teaching from the Ageless Wisdom is that there are seven Rays, or types, of energy that vivify everything in creation. As an avid student of esoteric spirituality, particularly the work of Djwhal Khul and Alice Bailey, I have been fascinated by these Seven Rays for more than a decade. The topic is huge and complex in one sense, yet simple from another angle. I’d like to share a little of what I have learned with you. I would ask that in return, you keep an open mind—before and after reading! Try to avoid drawing concrete conclusions from such esoteric teachings. My hope is that you will be captivated by the topic as well, and that our joined thought will open humanity up to a greater understanding of the workings of the Universe.

The Seven Rays originate in a distant place in the universe. They circulate through Sirius and then to the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. From there they circulate throughout creation, making their way to our solar system. They color, or affect, every living thing, from the sun to a planet to a kingdom in nature on earth to a human being.

Each Ray is characterized by a particular quality or attribute, and the things (everything!) the Rays touch are therefore also characterized by this quality. The Sun is primarily affected by a particular Ray; a different one affects the earth. The mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms are likewise affected by a particular Ray (actually a pair of Rays for each). Human beings are affected by the Rays in five different levels of human experience: on the level of the soul; the personality as a whole; the mind; the emotions; and the physical body.

The Rays are:

  1. The First Ray of Will or Power.
  2. The Second Ray of Love-Wisdom.
  3. The Third Ray of Intelligent Activity.
  4. The Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.
  5. The Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science.
  6. The Sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism.
  7. The Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order and Magic.

The first three Rays are known as the Rays of Aspect. They correlate to the three aspects of divinity as understood by Hindus (Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahman) and Christians (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). From another angle, Father Spirit (Ray One) impregnates Mother Matter (Ray Three) and creates consciousness, the Soul (Ray Two). Rays Four through Seven are known as the Rays of Attribute. They are said to be sub-rays of the Third Ray.

In future articles we will explore in greater detail the qualities of each Ray and explore how they affect the earth as well as how they affect each of us individually.