Testimonials for Sarah Murphy and Transformative Therapy

“Sarah’s low-key approach makes it easy to relax. Her compassion is sincere and honest, which makes it a pleasure to work with her.”

Supporting Cancer Care
“What a difference a year makes. Last year I was getting diagnosed and scheduling my double mastectomy. I am so blessed to have made it through the past year. My heart is full of gratitude and appreciation for everyone (including YOU) who helped get me to where I stand right now. Healed, employed and smiling from the inside out!
You came into my life at the most perfect time and I am so thankful for what you taught me and how you guided me in just two short sessions. I look forward to only getting better and better with your amazing ability to connect with me. You helped me redirect my thoughts exactly when I needed to and I was able to let go of so much pain and anger.
I have never been so happy in my whole life – just being me!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
Healing the Heart
“Thank you for your support and guidance over the past year. You helped me break through my emotional wall. This has allowed me, for the first time in my life, to truly feel from my heart. For my entire life I had let my male ego and logic control me, and had shut down my emotions and feelings in reference to loving and being loved. In our first meeting, you recognized I had this “heart blockage” and worked with me to remove it. Your patience, understanding and constant guidance felt comfortable and non-threatening. 
 You challenged me when I needed to be challenged and backed off at times to allow things to penetrate my mind and heart. I changed from being someone who constantly ran away when I started to feel any emotional attachment to a woman, to someone who now recognizes I am capable of opening my heart and having a truly loving relationship. Thanks to you I was also able to reconcile with the most important woman in my life. May many others benefit from the exceptional healing powers and guidance you provide.”
Healing Anger
“Sarah Murphy is a talented woman. I would call her a soul-healer. When I began to see her, I was a bit skeptical about hypnosis and its practicality. Seemed like voodoo magic. But I was so open and willing to try anything that would help me stop becoming enraged with my young children and amazing husband, that Sarah was an obvious choice. After just two sessions, I was able to release rage that didn’t even belong to me. Some was rage passed on to me from my mother, and her mother, and even her mother before her; all women I grew up with, suppressing their rage or expressing it explosively, just like me. I also discovered I had been holding onto rage and sadness from a boyfriend I had been with for ten years. Finally, after several more sessions, I released the unhealthy bonds I have with my mother. I let go of trying to fix and help her. I let go of guilt and sadness for her. It’s been about three months. 
Sarah has helped me tremendously… to be a better wife and mother, to love and accept who I really am, to be a better woman. Thank you Sarah!”
Help With Illness & Surgery
“Due to a cascading series of medical issues, I was suddenly faced with major, life-threatening surgery to remove a very aggressive cancer – also necessitating the removal of organs. My situation was so grave that the surgeon insisted that the massive tumor had to be removed as soon as possible and that chemotherapy would have to be done post-operatively. I underwent an eight-hour operation, but was up and walking around the day after surgery.  On the second day, I was walking around constantly, and, when the surgeon stopped by my hospital room the third morning after surgery, he expressed amazement at my unprecedentedly rapid recovery, told me I was all the nurses on the floor talked about, and called me the “poster boy.”  Subsequently, I was told that my pathology report was the best they had ever seen, and chemotherapy was not needed. 
 I attribute much of the credit for the success of this surgery to Sarah’s intervention. She counseled and guided me from the time my cancer was discovered. Under her guidance, I maintained a calm and positive attitude, never wavered in my determination to beat this cancer, and focused, not on fear and dread, but on the challenge of making a quick recovery and being restored to good health. Sarah enabled me to unleash the power of the mind to achieve this miracle cure.”
“Sarah Murphy and her transformative therapy has changed my life! I am calmer, more balanced and better able to embrace the joy in life! The changes were gradual and yet utterly remarkable. Sarah’s work was instrumental in shifting my physical health as well. I am now cancer-free!” 
“Sarah has a way about her that invites you to be yourself.  She is open and welcoming in both her interactions and in her presence.  Sarah specifically helped me to overcome issues of anxiety.  She was able to talk me off the proverbial edge instead of over it.  She helped me to identify the root of my problems and encouraged me to work through my issues.  She does this in a way that is not pushy or invasive, yet strong and nurturing to your soul. … Sarah is incredibly keen and intuitive at reframing situations to allowing the person in the session to grab what is poignant to them and move forward with that lesson.  Along with her insights Sarah is a very centered and grounded person (this worked tremendously well with my tendency for anxiety, because she immediately puts me at ease) enabled me to learn how to become a more centered and grounded person.  Her character is one that is genuine and you can tell that she truly enjoys her work because she is constantly present and positive.
“One of the greatest attributes that brought me to Sarah was that she was a Holistic Practitioner.  I did not want someone who was going to label and diagnose me.  I wanted the presence of someone who could support my love for holistic practices with my desire to better myself.  Sarah did just that.  Some of the best sessions are the ones were Sarah was able to include holistic practices to get to the root problems and release the true issues.  The “yellow light” exercise/meditation is one of my favorites.  Her voice is so soothing it is hard to envision someone being unable to benefit from it. “