Greg Nicosia is the founder of Advanced Diagnostics, PC (Pittsburgh, PA) and creator of Thought Energy Synchronization Therapy (TEST), a form of energy psychology. Over the course of his career, Greg explored ways of conquering pain with energy psychology.

Accident leads to new discovery

Greg came to energy psychology through his own experiences after a serious motor vehicle accident. He says that pain increased his sensitivity, leading him to begin delving into the mind-body-spirit connection. This connection played a significant role in his work and personal life.

Greg saw and was amazed by how rapidly and effectively energy psychology produces drastic shifts. These include spontaneous reframing of trauma experiences, deep and lasting healing, and the promotion of spiritual development.

“I’ve often said that I never met a pain that couldn’t be reduced by at least 50% and, in my honest opinion, this extends to emotional pain/distress, as well.”Greg Nicosia

Links to ACEP

Across his prolific career, Greg has worn many hats: researcher, professor, innovator, trainer, practitioner, and leader. What ties them all together is his burning desire to “teach and lead an army of energy healers to help reach the tipping point that allows for a metamorphosis in human consciousness.”

The concept of ACEP “came to me in a dream,” says Greg. He shared his idea with David Gruder (co-founder of ACEP). Greg’s involvement with ACEP over the years has been pivotal in defining its shape. He worked with other ACEP colleagues for over two years to develop the ACEP energy psychology training program. He also has served on the ACEP board of directors and presented at the ACEP annual conference.

Conquering Pain with Energy Psychology

Greg has experienced and seen the astounding results that energy psychology delivers in treating physical pain. One client came to him with severe, unremitting back pain, which was causing her to feel depressed, anxious, and hopeless.

Greg used TEST to treat the client, providing her with a protocol to use outside of her sessions, as well. Within three months of starting treatment with Greg, the client reported being able to cease use of pain medication, showed no symptoms of depression, had not experienced a panic attack for many weeks, and was feeling optimistic about her ongoing recovery.

Impressively, the client shares “I look at my life now like a person who has a second chance. When I had the pain, I never thought about my life… all I could think about was that pain. Thank you for your treatment here. It literally saved my life.”

Looking Forward

“We are all gifted with the ability to co-create life experience. We easily lose touch with these abilities and so do not develop these senses into reliable and powerful tools that promote healing,” shares Greg. From his viewpoint, energy psychology approaches can be a valuable tool for anyone to have in support of their own healing.


If you are interested in learning more about energy psychology, visit the ACEP website. Stay tuned for ACEP’s revamped Comprehensive Energy Psychology course, first created by Greg, coming next year!



Renee LaFountain is a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC), living and working in Massachusetts. She is the clinical director and a staff therapist at Bay State Counseling and Wellness Center, with a passion for serving individuals who are the helpers and “deep feelers” of the world. Renee is a member of the ACEP Communications Committee and is a provider for Unite for HER.