If you are looking for a tool to use to ease your anxiety, you are in the right place. This blog teaches a simple body-based tool to help when you feel anxious.

One of the simplest ways to reestablish feelings of safety is to cue bring yourself back into the body and in the moment by applying gentle but firm pressure to the arms and upper torso area using Simplified Self-Havening.  This simple body-based technique helps your body become calm and centered. Practice the technique right now by watching the video below and following along. You can also download written instructions in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. You can use this technique any time you feel scared and want to re-establish a sense of safety.

How it Works

It is exceptionally simple to do! Cross your arms over your chest with your hands on your shoulders. Using firm but gentle pressure, draw your hands down your arms to your elbows. While you do this, hum a little tune.

Why It Works

Simple self-havening helps bring us back into the body and into the moment. The gentle pressure on the chest area activates the parasympathetic, relaxing part of our nervous system. By crossing our arms, we are causing brain activity across both hemispheres, which helps us feel more grounded.

This technique is also helpful if you feel numb or disconnected, or just need some self-soothing. Havening was developed as a trauma technique by neuroscientist Ronald Ruden. You can read more about it at Havening.org.

If you haven’t given Simplified Self-Havening a try yet, do it now. Take notice of how your body feels both before and after you use the technique. This technique is just one of many you can use to feel calm and safe.

More Techniques to Feel Better Fast

If you found Simplified Self-Havening helpful, here are a few more tools you can use next time you feel scared or anxious: Calming Hug, the Soothing Butterfly Hug, and Calm Breathing. If you want to learn more techniques like this to improve your wellbeing, contact me.

Video Resources Provided by the ACEP Humanitarian Committee

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