Read on to learn an easy tool you can use to boost your coordination.

When you find yourself bumping into things and losing your coordination, it’s a pretty good sign that your energy field is out of balance. You can get yourself back in balance by practicing the Crossover should pull or the standing version, the Cross Crawl. Both of these simple body-based techniques help restore left-right balance and allow you to feel more clear and connected. The crossover shoulder pull was adapted by Phil Mollon from Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy. Practice the technique right now by watching the video below and following along. You can also download written instructions in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

How it Works

You can also do the Crossover Shoulder Pull, drawing your hand from the opposite shoulder to the same-side hip: right hand on left shoulder, down to right hip; left hand on right shoulder, down to left hip.

Why It Works

The Cross Crawl balances our energy field. We move our energy when we move our bodies. Doing this with crossing over activates both sides of our brains, which is always grounding.

This technique is also excellent to use when you need to focus or if you feel scrambled. It helps you feel “together.”

If you haven’t given the Brain Balancer technique a try yet, do it now. Take notice of how your body feels both before and after you use the technique. This technique is just one of many you can use to get more calm and present.

More Techniques to help when you feel clumsy

If you found the Brain Balancer helpful, here are a few more tools you can use to calm down  and get present: Breathing Into Balance and the Cross Crawl.

All of the videos and techniques in our “Try This” series were created by ACEP’s Humanitarian Committee in order to help people heal by spreading the word about the powerful effects of energy psychology techniques. We invite you to help by sharing this information!

If you want to learn to use tools like this to improve your wellbeing, contact me.

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