If you’re feeling groggy and want to learn how to revive, you’re in the right place. This blog teaches you an easy tool you can use right now to help you wake up.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to become awake and alert when you’re feeling groggy is to use the Thymus Thump. This is a simple body-based technique that helps you increase your life-force energy. It was developed by Energy Psychology pioneer John Diamond. Practice the technique right now by watching the video below and following along. You can also download written instructions in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

How it Works

Simply tap on the middle of your chest, using a closed fist. It’s even better when you plaster a smile on your face while doing it. Give it a try! Then notice how your body feels both before and after you use the technique. This technique is just one of many you can use to increase the flow of energy and feel more awake and alert.

Why It Works

By using energy psychology techniques like the Thymus Thump, you are interacting with your body’s energy system. When you use the Thymus Thump, you are increasing the flow of energy through your system. This allows you to feel awake and alert, quickly and easily. The technique is also helpful if you feel anxious or panicky, and will help you after a shock or trauma.

More Techniques to help when you are feeling groggy

If you found the Thymus Thump helpful, here are a few more tools you can use to increase your energy: Four Thumps and Heel Shock Release. ACEP’s Humanitarian Committee created all the videos in the “try this” series to help people heal by spreading the word about the powerful effects of energy psychology techniques. I invite you to help by sharing this information!

If you want to learn to use tools like this to help manage your feelings, contact me.

Video Resources Provided by the ACEP Humanitarian Committee

The mission of the ACEP Humanitarian Committee is to develop and implement humanitarian projects that alleviate emotional distress caused by catastrophic natural and man-made events around the globe. We do this by encouraging and assisting ACEP members in developing humanitarian projects that utilize recognized energy psychology and other modalities that meet ACEP’s standards and guidelines. Learn more here.