Logosynthesis® is an integrative energy psychology approach to healing and development that uses the power of words to resolve disturbing memories, fearful fantasies, and limiting beliefs. It is a relatively new form of Energy Psychology, and there had been no formal research conducted on it until recently. EP therapist and PhD candidate Natasha Jones recently completed and published her doctoral dissertation, A New Approach to Healing Traumatic Memories: Using Logosynthesis® to Resolve Subjective Units of Distress Associated with Intimate Partner Violence. Her research documented the effectiveness of this powerful technique.


Dutch/Swiss psychologist Dr. Lammers created Logosynthesis®. He discovered that his process of resolving blocks seems to restore the flow of life energy. Individuals reported experiencing an increase in energy after using Logosynthesis. This increase in energy, Lammers says, directly impacts our ability to be present. This allows us to complete tasks and to increase productivity. It seems to reduce reactivity to stressful triggers and emotional memories. Moreover, individuals reported significant improvement in mood and emotions in as little as one session.

The study setup

Four females, aged 35-41, participated in the study. Two identified as African American, and two identified as mixed-race African American and American Indian/Alaskan Native. They were randomly assigned to treatment and control groups. The study was conducted online during four sessions over seven weeks and included a 30-day follow-up.

Study results

The study documented that two sessions of Logosynthesis® lowered the subjective units of distress (SUDS) as well as frequency of intrusive memories. The mean SUDS rating of the treatment group before the first session was 6; after the second, it was 0; at 30-day follow-up, it remained 0. Meanwhile, SUDS rating in the control group was 5.5 before the first session; 2 after the second session; and 5 at 30-day follow-up. These results demonstrate that Logosynthesis not only reduced SUDS, but that the results lasted. Moreover, participants reported that they no longer had intrusive memories, and even “struggled to recreate the memory.”

A new approach to healing traumatic memories

Logosynthesis® is a newer and less-researched method in the family of energy psychology therapies. This research is broadening the breadth of knowledge of the field, and helps us shift the paradigm to bring powerful healing techniques to more people.

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John Freedom, CEHP, serves as chairman of ACEP’s research committee. The author of Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique, he presents seminars and events throughout the US and in Europe.

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