Robin Bilazarian is an experienced EFT trainer. During one training, she was working with a volunteer who was experiencing pain. Usually, a few rounds of EFT tapping reduces pain. This time, it did not. Bilazarian remembered a tool from her training in comprehensive energy psychology: the brief energy correction (BEC). She led the volunteer through the simple process and their pain finally diminished. Intrigued, Bilazarian enlisted expert researcher Marg Hux to design and perform a study to see if this fast tool could be as effective and efficient as it seemed. What they found is intriguing: this is a simple process to rapidly reduce pain and distress.

They published the findings of their pilot cohort study, Rapid Group Treatment Of Pain And Upsets With The Brief Energy Correction, in the International Journal of Healing and Caring at the height of the pandemic. They found that indeed, the BEC reduced pain and other symptoms remarkable rapidly, even where tapping therapies had failed. This may be the first study that investigates this technique and certainly the only to investigate it as a standalone treatment.

The theory

There is a theory in the world of energy psychology that sometimes, some people’s nervous systems get disorganized or “switched.” This is said to cause problems like confusing left and right, not swinging arms while walking or swinging the wrong arm (i.e., left leg steps forward and left arm swings forward too, homolaterally), spatial issues like bumping into things, and even severe psychological distress and learning difficulties.

A disconnect in nerve impulses seems to cause this disorganization. And when our energy fields are disorganized, meridian tapping techniques are not effective. The BEC hand positions and breaths allow us to reorganize and “un-switch” the energy within our system. It’s sort of the human version of ctrl-alt-del – a reboot. The procedure is part of Thought Field Therapy and in ACEP’s comprehensive energy psychology (CEP) curriculum.

The study setup

To do the BEC technique, place one hand on your navel. Move your other hand to the following places, holding each for just one breath:

  • Both sides of the collar bone, using thumb and index finger on either side
  • Under the nose, using index and middle finger
  • Under the mouth, using index and middle finger
  • At the tailbone, with the back of the hand on your body and thumb facing upwards

For the present study, participants were recruited in an online workshop at an annual conference on meridian-based techniques. One hundred thirty people participated in the workshop. Of those, 75 responded to the study questions. Some had pain (39) and others used a current “upset” (36).

Bilazarian led the group through three rounds of BEC-6. A round consisted of six repeats (hence the term BEC-6). Each hand placement lasts one breath, or approximately five seconds, so a round of six takes about 30 seconds. After a round, participants rated their pain or distress, and then proceeded to the next round.

Study results

The group rated their pain or distress on an 11-point scale (0 – 10) before beginning the procedure and after each of the three rounds of treatment. The entire process lasted just 90 seconds. (!!) The drops were substantial.

For pain, the mean ratings were:

  • Baseline: 5.53
  • Round 1: 3.72 (p<0.0001)
  • Round 2: 2.6 (p<0.0001)
  • Round 3: 1.58 (p<0.0001)

For distress, the mean ratings were:

  • Baseline: 6.06
  • Round 1: 3.64 (p<0.001)
  • Round 2: 2.22 (p<0.001)
  • Round 3: 0.89 (p<0.001)

This intervention significantly reduced the intensity of both pain and distress. Moreover, it achieved these results faster than most meridian therapies.

It’s interesting to note that the participants in this study had attended a two-day workshop, and this was at the end of it. After two days of EFT tapping, one would expect that most people would not have much pain or distress left! Yet it is precisely this type of resistant pain that the BEC seems to be so adept at clearing.

Rapidly reduce pain and distress: use the BEC!

This adds to the body of research on mind-body tools for healing. It’s the first to explore the BEC and shows it to be a great tool to rapidly reduce pain and distress.

Want to learn more?

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